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Fill out the SCACA Exhibitor Application online or choose "Download Application" to print and complete the form.

Please see complete Show Rules.  This is a Gun Show.  No home improvement, jewelry, cosmetic vendors etc., are accepted.    

Submission of this form does not constitute acceptance.  You will be contacted by the show director to confirm your reservation.  

Exhibitor Information Section

Prohibited Items

  • New Toys

  • T-Shirts

  • Baseball & Football Cards, etc.

  • Rocks

  • Bottles

  • Live Military Ordnance (Grenades, Rockets, etc.)

  • Bumper Stickers

  • Black Powder

  • Flea Market Items

  • Counterfeit Items

  • Food Items

  • Compressed Air (Bottles, Tanks, etc)

Show Information Section

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