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I’ve never been to a gun show before.  What should I expect?

Welcome to your first show!   Whether you’re in the market for something or not, going to a gun show is always fun and can be a social event.  Even if you aren’t planning to purchase any goodies at the show, take enough money for ten dollar entry, food and drinks.  Currently, the SCACA is not currently set up for credit or debit cards.  Also, should you decide to make a purchase, not all vendors accept credit cards.  All our current venues have ATM machines but don't depend of them - they are mechanical devices and can run out of money.  Cash is KING!  


P.S.   If you a convicted felon, you cannot attend our shows.  The SCACA policy is if you are denied a gun purchase when doing the 4473 (NICS), you will be asked to leave.  We reserve the right to deny entry to anyone and remove people from our show.

I have a valid Concealed Carry license.  Can I carry my firearm at your show?

No Loaded Weapons Allowed Ever.  Only on duty law enforcement officers may carry a loaded firearm.

I have a firearm I’d like to sell.   How can I do this?

We can help!  All firearms must be unloaded when you come to our show (Slides back cylinders open) .  When you arrive at the show with your UNLOADED firearm, we will zip tie your firearm to render it safe.   At our show, you can bring a firearm to sell, trade, find accessories for, or get a value or repair estimate we have several vendors who are experts on firearms and have gunsmith businesses.  Please keep all firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times. 

I’d like to see about trading a gun.  How does that work?

Think of each of our vendors as their own “business”.  Once verified to be unloaded and zip tied by our event staff or local police working at the show, you’re free to explore the vendors at our show and see if someone has interest in your firearm.  We suggest following all state, federal and local laws.

I’d like to buy a gun, but I’m not sure what I want.   Can you help?

Come on down!  Each of our vendors has their own selection of handguns, shotguns and rifles new and used.  Our show is the perfect place to see lots of different guns, all in one place historical weapons often only seen in books or the history channel.  If you see something you’ve just got to have, we recommend bringing cash.  Remember, not all our vendors are set up to accept credit/debit cards.

I’d like to be a vendor at your show.  How do I get set up?

Please contact our show director at 803-463-9377 or

I have a charge for assault/domestic violence/drugs/etc but can I buy a gun at your show?

All local, state, and federal laws apply when purchasing firearms of any kind at a gun show.  Questions 21b, 21e and 21i on Federal Form 4473 specifically bar anyone indicted or convicted of a felony from purchasing firearms.  So, no, you cannot purchase a gun at our show or any other show.”  Those persons out on bond with pending charges, wearing an ankle monitor, or are under court supervision are not allowed into our events.   

If you have had a delay purchasing or a denial, please contact:
What are the federal rules and regulations pertaining to gun sales at your show?

 All federal rules and regulations are set by the ATF.  Please visit to learn more.

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